CII Western Region Gets New Leadership For 2024-2025

Swati Salgaocar – New Chairperson of CII Western Region and Rishi Kumar Bagla takes over as Deputy Chairman

CII Western Region New Leadership to Drive Western Region’s Economic Growth and Sustainability

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Mumbai, March 22, 2024:Ms Swati Salgaocar, President, V. M. Salgaocar & Brother Pvt Ltd. has been elected as the Chairperson of the CII Western Region for the year 2024-25. Mr Rishi Kumar Bagla, Chairman & Managing Director, BG Li-In Electricals Ltd. has been elected as the Deputy Chairman, CII Western Region.  Their names were announced at the first meeting of the reconstituted Western Regional Council held today.

The Western Region is poised for a new era of economic growth and sustainability.

With a commitment to advancing the region's prosperity, the elected leaders will spearhead initiatives across key focus areas, aligning with the aspirations of businesses and communities.

The major focus areas for the Western Region will include:

Ease of Doing Business: Streamlining regulatory processes and fostering a business-friendly environment to attract investments and stimulate entrepreneurship.

Cost of Doing Business: Identifying opportunities to reduce operational costs for businesses through innovative solutions and targeted interventions.

Ease of Living: Enhancing the quality of life for residents by improving infrastructure, public services, and access to essential amenities.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG): Promoting sustainable practices, social responsibility, and ethical governance among businesses and organizations to drive long-term value creation while safeguarding the environment and society.

Internationalisation: Facilitating trade partnerships, promoting exports, and attracting foreign investment to bolster the region's global competitiveness.

Under the leadership of the new Chair and Deputy Chair, the Western Region will embark on a series of initiatives aimed at catalyzing growth and addressing pressing challenges. Key areas of work will include:

Government Engagements: Forge strategic partnerships with zonal, state, regional and national authorities to advocate for policies that foster economic development, sustainability, and social equity.

Special Projects: Launch targeted projects to address specific needs and opportunities within the region, including skills training programs

Perspectives at Regional and State Levels: Collaborate with state governments to align priorities, share best practices, and amplify the collective impact of economic development efforts.

The incoming leadership team brings a wealth of experience and a shared vision for the Western Region's future. Their dedication to innovation, collaboration, and inclusive growth will be instrumental in driving positive change and unlocking the region's full potential.

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