CFLs And FLCs Should Be Catalysts Driving Tangible Transformation: Swaminathan

Lead Banks had established more than 1,500 Financial Literacy Centres at district headquarters by December 31, 2023. The camps conducted by them have covered more than 30 lakh participants

Apr 26, 2024

India Can Go Into Next Decade With 10% Growth Rate: Patra

If growth rate of 10 per cent is achieved, India will become the second largest economy in the world not by 2045 as shown earlier, but by 2032 and the largest economy by 2050: Michael Debabrata Patra, Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Mar 28, 2024

Coop Database Has Potential To Connect PACS With Apex, Mandi With Global Market: Shah

Database, prepared using latest technology, will ensure expansion, development and delivery in cooperative sector

Mar 09, 2024

Interoperable Payment System For Internet Banking Will Facilitate Quicker Fund Settlement For Merchants

Address by Governor, Reserve Bank of India at the Digital Payments Awareness Week celebrations, March 4, 2024, RBI, Mumbai

Mar 08, 2024

Communication Mix Of RBI Must Address Issues Ranging From Financial Literacy To Financial Stability

A changing banking landscape, digitalisation of financial services, new business models, emergence of FinTech and technological progress are transforming financial sector in fundamental ways

Mar 04, 2024

Responsible, Explainable AI Essential to Combat Cybercrime: Brijesh Singh

Insightful Panel discussion on "Chasing Shadows: The Fintech-Cyber Cop Tango Against Digital Bandits", at the India Digital Summit, in Mumbai

Feb 28, 2024

Asian Central Banks: Enthusiastic Adopters Of Big Data & Analytical Toolkit

The share of central banks and supervisory authorities adopting big data and machine learning has risen to 86 per cent in Asia, involving nowcasting exercises, applications to granular financial data, and suptech/regtech applications

Feb 21, 2024

Assam will have Rs250 Bn Semiconductor packaging plant: Rajeev

First-ever Digital India future SKILLS Summit held in Guwahati alongside leaders from Industry & academia

Feb 17, 2024

Fundamental Shifts In Global Economy: New Complexities, Challenges And Policy Options

The theme of the 59th SEACEN Governors' Conference: "Navigating Economic Headwinds and Advancing Financial Inclusion: Perspectives and Challenges"

Feb 16, 2024

No More A Shadow (Of A) Bank: NBFCs Should Mitigate Technology Related Risks

In view of the increasing reliance of NBFCs on delivering their services through digital medium and their partnerships with Fintechs, the sector's exposure towards technology related risks, including cybersecurity threats and operational disruptions, as well as their reliance on third party partnerships has increased significantly

Feb 10, 2024

Corpus Of Rs1 Trillion Proposed @ 50 Year Interest-Free Loan For Tech Savvy Youth

This will encourage the private sector to scale up research and innovation significantly in sunrise domains. We need to have programmes that combine the powers of our youth and technology

Feb 01, 2024

SIDBI’s EV Pilot For Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Electric Vehicles could be a game-changing initiative for sustainable livelihood opportunities in rural India

Jan 31, 2024

UCBs: Upholding Governance & Professionalism with Capacity Building & Tech Upgradation

Role & Expectations of Directors of UCBs: RBI inspection reports should be discussed in the Board threadbare, and the observations should be suitably addressed in a timely manner

Jan 31, 2024

Harnessing Digital Technologies in Central Banks: Opportunities and Challenges

Digital technologies, especially the newer ones including AI and ML, help to dive deep into existing data as well as unstructured and high-frequency information to carry out meaningful analyses

Jan 30, 2024

This Is India's Time; Ram Temple Will Witness Rise Of Grand, Developed India: PM Modi

PM targets installing rooftop solar on 1 crore houses; Our future is going to be much more beautiful than our past. This is the golden age of India's development. Today India is full of youth and energy. India will reach the goal of prosperity by following the path of both the purity of tradition and the infinity of modernity

Jan 22, 2024

Compliance Teams Should Explore IT Solutions For Monitoring Internal Compliance

Banks should learn to recognise ICAAP's inherent value and use its document as a strategic tool to align capital plans with risk appetite and risk assessment

Jan 22, 2024

Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code – Towards Achieving Full Potential

RBI would continue to have focused interest in the orderly and sustained evolution of the IBC ecosystem; Robust secondary market in loans useful for management of credit exposures

Jan 12, 2024

GIFT City – An Aspiration of Modern India

Intellect Design Area Ltd. has also been granted TechFin Authorization. They will provide cloud ready invoice processing platform to global BFSI clients

Jan 12, 2024

Development In Defense, Space, Semiconductor Underlines Indo-US Partnership

Gujarat Emerging As A Hub Of Semiconductor Production. The theme of Vibrant Gujarat 2024 "Gateway to the Future" will be truly realized through the advancement of semiconductors and artificial intelligence in India

Jan 11, 2024

India shall be thought leader in science & tech, with women leading development story: Dr. Mishra

19th Convocation Ceremony of IGIDR Held in Mumbai

Jan 05, 2024

FIs Would Need Governance Structures To Oversee Lifecycle Of AI Systems

AI models drastically change the process as they are able to learn the rules and alter model parameterisation iteratively. This aspect makes many AI models a black box which are difficult to decode for audit and supervisory review.

Jan 01, 2024

Strengthen Compliance With Regulatory Instructions On Customer Protection: Swaminathan

Banks and NBFCs should exercise caution in relying solely on preset algorithms, ensuring that these models are robust, regularly tested, and recalibrated as needed to maintain robust underwriting standards

Dec 28, 2023

Comply With IT Rules, Intermediaries Advised

“A formal advisory has been issued incorporating the ‘agreed to’ procedures to ensure that users on these platforms do not violate the prohibited content in Rule 3(1)(b)”: Rajeev

Dec 26, 2023

IndusInd Bank’s eSvarna Card on RuPay network

India's first UPI-enabled Corporate Credit Card Offers host of exclusive rewards and benefits to corporate clients

Dec 26, 2023

Government to establish 17000 Anganwadi-cum-Crèches

Union WCD Minister Smriti Irani urges States to identify areas with a higher number of women working in unorganised sector to connect them with the Centre's Palna scheme, with an aim to enable women to actively participate in the workforce

Dec 23, 2023

Startups & Solutions Of Hackathons Are Helping The Society: PM

Narendra Modi stressed the need for self-reliance in semiconductor and chip technology. PM Modi also highlighted India's high aspirations in the quantum technology and hydrogen energy sectors

Dec 20, 2023

"AI Can Propel India’s Digital Economy"

“Just like the semiconductor model and framework we will be funding and supporting startups leveraging AI”: MoS Chandrasekhar

Dec 16, 2023

India must take the steps necessary to help its economic units grow larger

India at 125: Reclaiming the Lost Glory and Returning the Global Economy to the Old Normal

Dec 16, 2023

GIFT IFSC's digital infra enables businesses to increase efficiency: PM

Narendra Modi: India is one of the fastest growing Fintech markets in the world today

Dec 09, 2023

RBI allows reversal of liquidity facilities under SDF, MSF even during weekends, holidays

RBI will provide unified regulatory framework on connected lending for all regulated entities caption Shaktikanta Das, Governor, Reserve Bank of India

Dec 08, 2023

Inclusion should be on global agenda for Growth: FM

Issues of Global South should be addressed: Nirmala Sitharaman

Dec 07, 2023

World Bank to launch 15 country-led programs in 18 months

Between 2024 and 2030, the World Bank expects to significantly boost its financing through public and private sector channels for methane reduction

Dec 06, 2023

Are we there yet? A journey into monetary policy and medium-term factors

November modal forecast of MPC of the Bank of England predicts a soft landing: inflation returns to 2% in 2025, growth stagnates for the next year and a half and unemployment rises to just over 5% by the end of 2025

Dec 02, 2023

Jio & TM Forum open first Innovation Hub: Gen AI, LLM & ODA projects for industry growth

Leaders from both organizations and representatives from the Innovation Hub Founding Members including Accenture, Deutsche Telekom, Google Cloud, Orange, Telenor and Vodafone attended the ceremony at the Reliance Corporate IT Park in Navi Mumbai

Dec 01, 2023

Since 2014, > 1 lakh Startups grown

MoS Rajeev Chandrasekhar: We are striking a balance between the need to innovate and grow while ensuring clear rights for Digital Nagriks; A Vision to leverage technology to transform lives and expand opportunities for Young Indians

Dec 01, 2023

Leveraging private finance for urban infrastructure development

MoHUA Secretary Manoj Joshi underlined the need for value capture financing of urban resources to overcome the financing gap in urban infrastructure projects

Nov 30, 2023

4th Edition of ASEAN India Grassroots Innovation Forum Launched

The AIGIF is an annual programme focused on fostering a strengthened relationship between India and AMS on the premise of cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation

Nov 29, 2023

World Bank’s ML/Tax Crimes Training Exercise

The workshop is divided into three broad streams - Virtual Assets, Illegal Phishing, and Tax Crimes

Nov 29, 2023

Rs364 Bn Order Placed For 83 LCA Mk 1A Planes

Rs90 Bn sanctioned for development of more lethal version of LCA Tejas

Nov 25, 2023

BITS Pilani-ABCF-NITI Aayog’s Platform will support Women Start-ups

PIEDS launches ‘Womenpreneurs for Bharat 1.0’ start-up program across Northeast Region, Rajasthan, Haryana, and J&K

Nov 24, 2023

Shift To Hyper Personalized Embedded Banking: Rao

M. Rajeshwar Rao: 5 elements for resilient financial system include - strong governance and management; sound regulatory principles; adequate capital and liquidity; strong supervisory and risk management practices; and effective crisis management and resolution frameworks

Nov 23, 2023

Indian banking a ‘North Star’ amid uncertainties

Indian banks to maintain their profitability and valuation, they need to think boldly about reshaping their business models, embracing disruptive technologies and strengthening their risk management capabilities: Ruchin Goyal, BCG Managing Director

Nov 23, 2023

RBI keeping Arjuna’s eye on 4% inflation mark: Das

RBI Governor stated that there is no new stress building up in the banking system currently but urged the lenders to continue with stress testing

Nov 22, 2023

Das: Building up further on resilience would be the best insurance against shocks and uncertainties

The improved health of the banks and corporates is also reflected in their recent second quarter results of 2023-24

Nov 22, 2023

RIL to invest Rs200 Bn in next 3 years in WB

Reliance Retail network of nearly 1000 Retail stores will expand to over 1200 within the next 2 years

Nov 22, 2023

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Expands In North

The company saw a growth of 36% growth from the northern region – Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand in FY 22-23

Nov 21, 2023

J&K For MSME Cluster Infra Development through SIDBI Fund

SCDF would facilitate to augment the low cost, longer repayment funds for holistic coverage of cluster development projects falling under three broad categories

Nov 16, 2023

India for freedom of navigation, overflight & unimpeded commerce in int’l waters: Rajnath

Defence Minister Calls for active collaboration among ASEAN and Plus countries for prosperity & security in the region

Nov 16, 2023

Rs2.75 Tn credited to farmers’ accounts so far: PM

PM- JANMAN launched with a budget of Rs240 Bn;15th instalment amount of Rs180 Bn under PM-KISAN released

Nov 15, 2023

MIB Proposes Broadcasting Services (Regulation) Bill, 2023

Anurag Thakur: It adapts to the dynamic world of OTT, Digital Media, DTH, IPTV

Nov 10, 2023

Linkage of fast payment systems of India & Japan may be explored: Das

Structural reforms related to banking, digitalization, taxation, manufacturing, etc., have laid the foundation for a strong and sustainable growth over the medium and long term

Nov 10, 2023

India moved from fragile 5 to top 5 economies in last 5 years: Goyal

India moved from fragile 5 to top 5 economies in last 5 years: Goyal

Nov 09, 2023

Govt’s advisory to social media intermediaries to remove deepfakes

Remove any such content when reported within 36 hours of reporting

Nov 08, 2023

“Underwriters must adjust their portfolio to minimize carbon footprint”

7th BIMTECH Insurance Colloquium Sheds Light on Climate Change's Impact on Insurance and Sustainability

Nov 08, 2023

Climate is a global public good, global action is needed: Dr. Patra

Speech of the Deputy Governor, RBI, at the Annual Central Banking Seminar, a flagship event of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Nov 08, 2023

India wants AI to be Safe & Trusted: Rajeev

Minister Chandrasekhar engages in bilateral meetings with Ireland, UK, Australia and Netherlands

Nov 03, 2023

AI Safety Institute will have priority access to cutting-edge supercomputer

While AI promises significant societal benefits, it also poses a range of potential harms

Nov 03, 2023

Reflections: Challenges in Regulations

How is RBI Managing these Transitions?

Nov 02, 2023

PMMVY portal launched, DBT of Rs 3.21 Bn released

PMMVY is an example of how Digital Connection and emotional and administrative responsibility can come together: Smriti Irani

Oct 28, 2023

Fostering Economic Growth through Sustainable Finance and Financial Inclusion

Go beyond mere compliance and imbue your organization's lending policies and practices with the essence of the sustainable finance

Oct 27, 2023

PM awards 100 ‘5G Use Case Labs’ to educational institutions

Narendra Modi: Access to capital, access to resources and access to technology is a priority for our government

Oct 27, 2023

IIM Bangalore: Where talent meets aspirations

President Smt Droupadi Murmu: The work being done by the IIM Bangalore's Data Centre and Analytical Lab in the areas of artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning will have a profound impact on the future of business and economy

Oct 27, 2023

50% of export profits will go to farmers by NCEL: Amit Shah

NCEL has received orders worth Rs70 Bn: Coop Minister

Oct 24, 2023

Armed Forces ready to adapt Quantum Computing, AI

Disruptive tech must to maintain military superiority: Dr Jitendra Singh

Oct 23, 2023

Price and Financial Stability: Managing complementarities and trade-offs

SCBs will be able to comply with minimum capital requirements even under severe stress scenarios

Oct 21, 2023

NCCF’s turnover should be Rs500 Bn by 2027-28: Amit Shah

NCCF and NAFED can get their common App, to be utilized to coordinate procurement of maize

Oct 20, 2023

Indian-owned, India-based P&I entity required for maritime arbitration: FM

Financing, insurance, arbitration and creation of more diverse options is required to boost the country's ship-building capacity

Oct 19, 2023

PM Modi dedicates to nation projects worth Rs230 Bn

In the changing world order, the world is looking towards India with new aspirations: PM

Oct 17, 2023

Innovations have no value unless a customer is willing to pay for them: Jim

Afreximbank holds 7th Babacar Ndiaye Lecture in Marrakech

Oct 17, 2023

Das: FinTech players should themselves ensure responsible digital innovations

FinTech and the Changing Financial Landscape

Oct 16, 2023

RBI: Hawkish while holding horses

In the upcoming credit policy meet of RBI, scheduled on 6 Oct 2023, we expect MPC to maintain a hawkish pause and keep the rates unchanged.

Oct 16, 2023

Global economic faces challenges from geopolitics to technology

Seminar on the global economy during the Annual Meetings in Marrakech with Managing Director Gita Gopinath

Oct 16, 2023

Internal Ombudsman framework in a few institutions is way below the requirement

A Customer-Centric Approach-Navigating the Path to Excellence in Customer Service

Oct 16, 2023

eBullion introduces SIP in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium

Millennials from Tier 1 & Tier 2 cities, seek technology-driven, smaller investment opportunities: Rajiv Ranjan

Oct 16, 2023

Rajeev invites feedback from robotics and AI ecosystem on draft national strategy

“The strategy will present significant opportunities for the manufacturing sector, Industry 4.0 and cyber-physical systems”: Chandrasekhar

Oct 16, 2023

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