Bajaj Capital & WebEngage Partner For Positive CX

Within the new world order, elevated customer experience (CX) becomes an imperative

Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage

Aabhinna Suresh Khare, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at BajajCapital,

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Mumbai, January 24, 2024: BajajCapital, one of India’s leading wealth management companies and WebEngage, a full-stack retention operating system entered into a strategic partnership, in a bid to revolutionize its approach to customer engagement. This collaboration marks BajajCapital's commitment to prioritizing meaningful and positive customer experiences (CX) at scale within the BFSI industry. This strategic alliance aims to bring about substantial improvements and innovation in how the company interacts with its customers, emphasizing a more customer-centric approach. 

In recent years, the BFSI sector has been subject to steep transformations driven by regulatory and technological evolutions. Digitalization has been instrumental in the rise of online transactions, mobile banking, and much more, giving rise to not just new age financial institutions, but a new breed of customers - challenging the very framework of traditional institutions. Within this new world order, elevated customer experience becomes an imperative. 

In adopting WebEngage’s cutting edge marketing automation solutions, BajajCapital recognizes this transformation, and the need for seamless customer experiences, enhanced efficiency and simplicity in its communications across platforms, while also optimizing on frequency of messages. Sharing his enthusiasm about this collaboration, Aabhinna Suresh Khare, Chief Digital & Marketing Officer at BajajCapital, said, “This collaboration with WebEngage underscores BajajCapital’s client-centric approach that aims to aid them with the necessary resilience to navigate today’s intricate business landscape”.  

Our Digital Transformation journey, spanning four years, has navigated the evolving digital landscape, adapting and innovating to meet the ever-changing demands of the financial services industry. This transformative period has witnessed BajajCapital simplifying the intersection of physical and digital realms, creating a seamless "phygital" experience for its clients. At this juncture, our collaboration marks the next logical step in this journey of further simplifying client experiences; it is not just a convergence of technologies, but a representation of thoughtful integration of insights and experiences aimed at delivering personalized and genuine value to our customers.” Khare added further

“In recent years, the BFSI sector has been in the throes of a digital transformation that has resulted in a pivotal shift among legacy institutions to cater to the evolving needs of existing and prospective customers. Under such conditions, understanding the customer's needs whilst maintaining their trust becomes paramount. With BajajCapital at the cusp of the next phase of their digital transformation journey, we are excited to partner with them as enablers. Our goal is to collaboratively curate and implement compelling data-backed customer engagement strategies, streamline complex processes, and deliver enhanced, personalized campaigns'', said Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO, WebEngage.

Propelled by a commitment to innovation and tailored services, BajajCapital and WebEngage are setting the stage for a future where financial engagement will evolve from being transactional, to an environment where clients can expect meaningful personalized engagement that supports the pursuit of their financial goals. 

About BajajCapital

BajajCapital Limited is one of India’s leading wealth management companies offering its clients need-based financial solutions. BajajCapital caters to investor individuals, corporate houses, institutional investors, Non-resident Indians (NRIs), and High net worth clients, among others. For the last 59 years, we have been helping over 4.1 million clients create and protect their wealth with over 300 points-of-presence (POP) in more than 100 cities. Our service basket includes a wide range of product offerings in mutual funds, corporate fixed deposits, loans, real estate, etc., presented through qualified and experienced professionals such as MBAs, CAs, Legal Experts, CFPs, and thousands of Wealth Managers. From being a pioneer in introducing Corporate Fixed Deposit to bringing forth Financial Planning Concept in India, we are a fine combination tech+ touch company that can easily adapt to servicing its clients in Online as well as Offline modes. Established over 5 decades ago and continuously evolving in its way,     

BajajCapital has transitioned from being a brick-and-mortar company to a digitally equipped wealth management platform catering to clients' needs as per the times. Some of our recent introductions for clients and teams such as BajajCapital Edge Report, India’s first  NPS Portfolio Management Dashboard,  Several options for choosing insurance  at one place with an Online Insurance Platform, Digital Super Branches for its Retail channel, Launched FINtastic Talks online and offline modes, All India Event -The Power of 100% bringing leaders from Insurance and Investment industry together at one platform, etc., are well in line with its digital transformation journey. Other than that, we have been 5 times winners of Great Place to Work, 7 time winners of Best Retail Financial Advisor by CNBC TV18, Winner of MoneyControl Indian Family business awards 2021 - Most Innovative, Disruptive & Transformational Business, etc.

About WebEngage:
Ranked #1 consistently across all review platforms on ease of use and comprehensiveness of the platform, WebEngage is used by 800+ brands across India, the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and South East Asian markets. WebEngage is on a unique mission to ensure that no business should ever have to work hard to retain its customers. WebEngage helps them scale through a robust customer data and analytics platform - unifying data across silos, the best-in-class journey builder enabling automated triggers and campaign orchestration across channels. The third piece of the stack is the personalization engine that includes all the data in the system and AI/ML-driven product recommendations that boost the conversion for all channels including the web and mobile apps. This puts immense power in the hands of marketers as they try to live up to the consumer expectation of a personalized user experience, a habit formed by the Amazon and Netflix of the world. The company is working across several industries like E-Commerce, Edtech, Fintech, Foodtech, Media & Publications, Gaming, BFSI, Healthcare, Online Retail. The key clientele includes marquee brands like IKEA, Unilever, Walmart, Myntra, Unacademy, Pepperfy, GoIbibo, Adani, PFI Mega Life, PasarPolis, Wego, Groww, Acko, Startup Campus, Grouu, Blackberrys and many more. 


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