Health Insurance Plans Too Generic To Merit Women’s Attention

75% of women believe that existing health insurance policies fall short of addressing women-specific needs; Future Generali India Insurance launched HEALTH POWHER – one of the most comprehensive policies to empower women and cater to their varied health needs

Anup Rau

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Mumbai, March 7, 2024: Future Generali India Insurance Company, one of India’s leading private general insurance players, today announced the findings of #PowHer Survey - an exclusive survey powered by Unomer. The survey focused on gauging the pulse of Indian women when it comes to buying health insurance. 

Commenting on the initiative, Anup Rau, Managing Director and CEO, Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd, said, “At Future Generali, we believe that the key to unleashing the potential of health insurance in India lies in expanding the market by customising solutions to address every conceivable homogeneous group, however small. But, today, we are here to address the largest under-served group in India, which also happens to be India’s largest minority by any measure - and that group is women!  At Future Generali, we are here to offer women a product customised to their needs and requirements, a product that promises to be unique in more ways than one, a product designed through deep research and understanding of what women want. This product is designed through rigorous research- by the women, for the women - and we are proud to put it out to the market.”

Towards bridging this gap, Future Generali today also announced the launch of its most comprehensive women-health insurance plan – designed to meet the unique needs of women.

FGII “HEALTH POWHER” aims to address the various needs of women across the different stages of their lives. Some of the critical differentiators of HEALTH POWHER include Enhanced Limits for Female Cancer treatments, Coverage for Puberty and Menopause-related disorders, OPD focus on physical & mental well-being with the reinstatement of mental illness benefit to 200%, Coverage for infertility treatment & Oocyte cryopreservation, Stem Cell Storage, a comprehensive wellness program, Lumpsum benefit for Newborn defect, Nursing care, Senior Care covering bone strengthening injections, joint injections etc., Enhanced maternity benefits with the inclusion of Antenatal cover, and many more.

Besides, the policy also covers a host of value-added services, Annual health check-ups & preventive care packages, fitness programs, diet & nutrition, spa wellness, gynaecological consultation, yoga, and others, making it a unique assimilation of preventative and comprehensive healthcare plans.

For a country like India, where women comprise roughly half of the nation’s population, at around 49 per cent, less than one-third, or only about 30%, of them aged 15-49, were covered under health insurance between 2019-2021, as per data fetched from the National Family Health Survey India report.

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