MF Folios Are All-Time High At 19,10,47,118 In June'24

Mutual Fund Industry’s Net AUM stands at Rs61,15,581.92 crores for the month of June 2024.

Venkat Chalasani, Chief Executive, AMFI

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Mumbai, July 9, 2024: The Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) has released today the Mutual Fund Industry Monthly Data for June 2024.

Highlights for June 2024

Ø  Mutual Fund Industry’s Net AUM stands at Rs 61,15,581.92 crores for the month of June 2024. AUM for the month of May 2024 was Rs 58,91,160.48 crores.  

Ø  The AAUM for June 2024 is Rs 61,33,226.77 crores and for the month of May 2024 was Rs 58,59,951.39 crores.

Ø  Mutual Fund Folios are at all-time high at  19,10,47,118 in June 2024

Ø  Retail MF Folios (Equity + Hybrid + Solution Oriented Schemes) also at an all-time high at  15,32,56,488  for the month of June 2024 as compared to 14,89,54,824  for the month of May 2024.

Ø  Retail AUM (Equity + Hybrid + Solution Oriented Schemes) stood at Rs 36,32,226 crores for June 2024 with an Average AUM of Rs  35,69,980 crores.

Ø  40 months of positive equity inflows, starting from March 2021. Growth Equity fund inflows for the month of June is Rs 40,608.19 crores

Ø  Number of new SIPs registered in June 2024 stood at 55,12,962. 

Ø  The SIP AUM is highest ever at Rs 12,43,791.71 crores for the month of June 2024 compared to Rs 11,52,801 crores for May 2024        

Ø  SIP contribution stood at an all-time high of Rs 21,262.22 crores in June 2024 as against Rs 20,904.37 crores in May 2024.         

Ø  The number of SIP accounts stood at highest ever at 8,98,66,962 in June 2024 as compared to 8,75,89,485 in May 2024

Ø  A total of 17 schemes were launched in the month of June 2024, all in the category of open-ended scheme, raising a total of Rs 15,227 crores.  

Venkat Chalasani, Chief Executive, AMFI, explains: "­­­­­­­­­­­­­The mutual fund industry has demonstrated remarkable growth, becoming a cornerstone of financial stability and wealth creation for crores of investors. The industry continued to benefit from sustained flows into equity-oriented mutual funds, hybrid funds and passive funds. Equity fund inflows stood at a record high of Rs 40,608 crore, while SIP inflows touched a new high of Rs 21,262 crore.

This expansion reflects the industry’s unwavering commitment to investor education, strong distribution, and digital innovation. As we continue to adapt and evolve in a dynamic market environment, we remain dedicated to fostering financial well-being for all our stakeholders."


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