Moving Forward: Calibrating Bharat’s Digital Agenda

Chandrasekhar: Currently, we stand as the largest connected democracy in the world and indeed the largest connected bloc of people on the global Internet

Third edition of India Internet Governance Forum 2023 was held in New Delhi

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Mumbai, December 5, 2023: Union Minister of State for Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) and Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Rajeev Chandrasekhar has addressed and delivered a keynote address at the India Internet Governance Forum 2023. Its third edition of IIGF was held here today. The theme of the said forum this year was “Moving forward: Calibrating Bharat’s Digital Agenda” with its sub-theme building a secure, trusted & resilient cyberspace for Bharat, Enabling Innovation for India’s Developmental Goals, Bridging Divides and Calibrating Bharat’s Digital Agenda – on Leadership for Global Digital Governance & Cooperation.

Speaking on the occasion Rajeev Chandrasekhar said, “It is certainly a sign that multistakeholderism is maturing and gaining strength in India. Many people have fought for this, ensuring that the diverse voices of individuals impacted by the Internet and its growth are represented on the table as we discuss the future of the Internet. This multistakeholderism will be the cornerstone of how the future of the Internet will be shaped – policy-wise, regulation-wise and technology-wise. India is certainly on the fast track to growth in the digital space. Currently, we stand as the largest connected democracy in the world and indeed the largest connected bloc of people on the global Internet.”

The Minister further highlighted, “India is a case study wherein emerging technologies and AI are playing a significant role in inclusion, empowerment, creating more with less, allowing every young Indian to be empowered and be part of the innovation economy. However, at the same time, it is ensuring that all consumers and digital Nagriks have access to a safe and trusted Internet, an Internet that remains open, where intermediaries and platforms are accountable for their conduct, accountable for the harm under the Indian law.”

Speaking about the third edition,  S Krishnan, Secretary MeitY, while delivering the special address illuminated the relevance of the IIGF 2023 as a pivotal platform for fostering collaborative discussions and strategic initiatives in steering Bharat’s digital trajectory. He emphasized the forum’s role in addressing the evolving challenges of the digital landscape, promoting inclusive access, and championing India’s leadership in global digital governance.  S Krishnan underscored the significance of multistakeholderism, highlighting the need for collective efforts across diverse sectors to navigate the complexities of the internet effectively. Furthermore, he acknowledged the importance of initiatives such as the introduction of Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) to promote a multilingual internet and bridge the digital divide. In conclusion, he urged participants to actively engage in constructive dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing throughout IIGF 2023, envisioning it as a catalyst for shaping Bharat’s digitally empowered future.

Further, Joint Secretary, MeitY,  Sushil Pal, gave a welcome address while sharing the importance of a multistakholder platform such as IIGF 2023 and highlighted the hard work of India’s pioneer stakeholder community in ensuring the key components of internet remains open, accessible, safe &  secure, and resilient. He cautioned against the propensity of emerging technologies to deepen the digital insecurities and vulnerabilities leading to frequent breaches of personal data and persistent threat of cyber-attacks.  Pal stressed upon the aptness of this year’s IIGF theme as a timely intervention, to reflect, assess and conceptualize the intricacies for the future of Digital India. He closed with a welcome call for stakeholders to hold deep and nuanced engagement on the event.

The event was graced by Ms Sally Costerton, Interim President & CEO, ICANN, who mentioned that ICANN is pleased to be working with and supporting the GoI in reducing the digital divide and fostering digital inclusion. She also acknowledged India’s pivotal role in multistakeholder Internet governance and multilingual internet.

Devesh Tyagi, Chair of IIGF 2023 and CEO of NIXI, provided insights into the takeaways from IIGF 2023, marking it as a significant platform associated with the UN Internet Governance Forum.

The closing ceremony also included prominent figures in this space including but not limited to Ms Carol Roach- UN IGF MAG Chair; Ms Anita Gurumurthy- Founder & Executive Director, IT for Change; Ms Sarah Kemp, Vice President, International Government Affairs, Intel.

About IIGF:

The India Internet Governance Forum is associated with the UN Internet Governance Forum (UN-IGF), serving as a multi-stakeholder platform for representatives to discuss public policy issues related to the Internet.

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