Infibeam Avenues To Start Video Intelligence Platform For Commerce & Payments

The company has announced the christening of its AI-Hub at GIFT City as Phronetic

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Mumbai, December 26, 2023: Infibeam Avenues has announced the christening of its AI-Hub at GIFT City as Phronetic ( The nomenclature is inspired by the ancient term Phronesis; signifying practical judgment, wisdom, and prudence relevant to practical action.

Vishal Mehta, CMD, Infibeam Avenues, elaborates: “This choice mirrors our overarching mission—proficiency in discovering optimal solutions for the common good. The brand name; Phronetic; perfectly aligns with our mission, work philosophy, and business purpose. By leveraging Artificial Intelligence, will strive to develop the capability to find the right answers/solutions for the common good, guided by practical wisdom.” stands on the cusp of revolutionizing the landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Vishal Mehta adds: “We are committed to delivering AI-enabled solutions for Fraud Detection, Authentication, and Risk Identification (FAR), commencing with the Video Intelligence Platform, to empower our clients.”

Vishal reveals: “We are soon coming up with our first AI product – Theia, a Video Intelligence Platform designed to facilitate commerce and payments with transformative technology that incorporates AI-backed Fraud Detection, Authentication and Risk Identification (FAR). Our products are tailored to meet the inventory management, fraud detection, and prevention requirements of both small and large retail establishments. This AI-enabled Video Intelligence platform will additionally empower suppliers, such as FMCG companies, to fulfil retailers; supply orders through automated processes.”

In August, Infibeam unveiled its intentions to establish India's first AI Hub at GIFT City. With an initial focus on fintech and the financial sector, the hub is geared towards the development of AI solutions for Fraud Detection, Authentication, and Risk Identification (FAR). Vishal further says: “Our objective is to nurture the growth of the AI ecosystem, generating solutions tailored for both domestic and global markets. We aspire to establish a dynamic and expansive, where Infibeam's in-house AI team will collaborate with counterparts from various AI and Tech companies under one roof. This collaborative and synergistic environment is designed to foster innovation. Simultaneously, we are committed to providing a comprehensive support system to other AI and Tech companies, nurturing their growth and empowering them to thrive independently. This collective effort is dedicated to contributing to a thriving AI ecosystem within”

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