BlinkX sees dawn of ‘ClienTech’ era

BlinkX is forging a tech ecosystem with a deliberate detachment from specific business segments

Gagan Singla, MD at BlinkX

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Mumbai, November 21, 2023: BlinkX, an elementally born tech driven company, from the house of JM Financial, announces the beginning of the ‘ClienTech’ era. In a landscape dominated by sectors like EdTech, HealthTech, FoodTech, and Wealthtech, to name a few, BlinkX is forging a tech ecosystem with a deliberate detachment from specific business segments. Instead, it centers on clients and their requirements as the focal point for inspiration and innovation. The company, which is currently in the broking and financial sector, is betting big on the underlying technology which is robust enough to fit into any spectrum of a customer-product engagement lifecycle. The rationale of ClienTech emerging as a service space lies behind the realisation of customers’ plight of being exposed to a steep learning and adaption curve which is typically associated while they move between tech platforms which are designed to cater specific businesses. 

BlinkX takes pride in being a ‘listening brand’ – a brand that pays attention and adapts to customers' requirements consistently. The core of ClienTech is the elemental understanding of customer behaviour, is being championed by the in-house Customer Data Platform setup on Google cloud. This invaluable asset empowers the company to communicate with clients on a deeply personalized level right from their first interactions. The aspiration of the company going beyond the ordinary got BlinkX and Google naturally gravitate towards each other into a partnership, to create industry first experiences – be it products or services. One such evident example would be together laying the foundation of a hyper-personalised nudge engine, which is versatile enough to be adapted for any other sectors. Resonating with the sentiment of a continuous elevated brand experience, BlinkX is also developing a NER model (Named Entity Recognition) to spot key details and customer intent in their input which is useful for tasks like market research and categorizing user feedback. 

In this journey, BlinkX has garnered substantial interest and admiration from top colleges and talented individuals across the country. Having operated in stealth mode for nearly two years, the company is now prepared to debut in the financial world with its customer-centric innovation. 

Gagan Singla, MD at BlinkX, shares “Though we may appear to have invested and adequately marinating a lot many levers for business, for us, we are just getting our basics right. The bar for customer loyalty has been set very high in recent times and their demands are going through constant evolution. Standard delivery is no longer the pull factor, rather elements of outperformance, no matter how small they are, are hugely appreciated and most often constitute the reason behind loyalty. We put in a lot of productive hours behind understanding the psychology of investing rather than just aimlessly creating a corporate handbook of products. The beauty of our model lies in the fact that we are industry agnostic with the capabilities of understanding customers across all segments – the true essence of being a ClienTech company.”

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