India Ranks 1st In AI Skill Penetration

India Emerges as Global AI Powerhouse: Poised to Lead the World in AI Talent and Technological Innovation: CII HR Summit

The industry luminaries spoke at the 13th CII HR Conclave organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry

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Mumbai, November 29, 2023: India stands tall as the third-largest reservoir of AI talent globally, having secured the top position in both AI skill penetration and talent concentration.  Industry veterans like the Chairman of CII, National Committee on Leadership and HR, Mr.Sanjay Behl, Dr.Shiv Shivkumar, Operating Partner, Advent International and AI specialist and Solution Head, Talent and AI, Darwin Box, Ms.Kalpana Bansal, spoke of the amazing harmony that could be struck between AI and HR, and how India, as a densely populated nation, holds the potential to become the largest talent reservoir in the world. The industry luminaries spoke at the 13th CII HR Conclave organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at Mumbai. 

In the theme address, Mr.Sanjay Behl called upon all, to not just celebrate HR, but to discuss pressing challenges and find possible solutions emerging from the inevitable inherent technological ingress of AI: "HR should be at the forefront to ensure a rightly calibrated integration of AI technology." He spoke of 'Gen AI as being possibly bigger than any productivity paradigm'.

India holds significant potential for an artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. The nation is the third largest talent pool for AI talent in the world. It also ranks first in terms of AI skill penetration, and first and fifth in talent concentration and AI scientific publications, respectively.                                          

Dr.Shiv Shivkumar had a positive take on the impact and utility of AI in HR. He stressed on using AI through well curated training programs for employees to enhance their efficiency and productivity. The veteran stressed for the HR in India to develop self learning modules to check the dip in efficiency and prevent employees from developing cynical behaviour at work. He spoke of the human touch versus the deep touch.Dr. Shivkumar quipped:" AI is here and it will have medium term impact on our workforce and talent pool." He further mentioned about Chat GPT impacting jobs in India in the short term future:" What is counted and subcounting you." 

According to the International Data Corporation, India's AI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.2%, from $3.1 billion in 2020 to $7.8 billion by 2025.

The Summit recorded the highest participation in its 13th year since inception, with over more than 400 + HR professionals attending from across  India.

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