Affle Boosts AI-driven Intel & Automation For Conversion-Driven Mktg

Affle files 15 patents in India, strengthens its global tech IP portfolio, 15 patents in India

Anuj Khanna Sohum, the MD and CEO of Affle

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Mumbai, November 23, 2023: Affle (India) Limited, a consumer intelligence driven global technology company, has announced the filing of 15 patents in India. These newly filed patents cover advanced artificial intelligence (AI) subject areas, including automated AI agents, personalization & recommendation, predictive analysis, privacy management, enhanced fraud detection and security. 

These patents power innovations across futuristic use cases of interaction, training and integration of Generative AI agents and leveraging advanced AI-driven capabilities across the value chain for responsible conversion-driven marketing.  The technology enables newer use cases beyond mobile-based interaction to include signals and intelligent interactions across connected devices. These filings also include patents towards data privacy and enhanced fraud detection approaches to AI agents, including secure public cloud enclave, secure transfer system and data destruction, and more. 

Commenting on strengthening its IP portfolio, Anuj Khanna Sohum, the MD and CEO of Affle said, “These patents continue to augment our tech portfolio and cover the salient aspect of responsible and ethical integration of AI. We remain committed towards powering digital transformational journeys for advertisers globally and make sustained efforts towards advanced digital technologies that build greater defensibility, provide competitive differentiation and strategic value to our customers. We believe our advanced artificial intelligence capabilities will help us drive the next level of adoption for smart connected devices across markets in line with our Growth Vision 2030.”  

Closely driving the patents portfolio at Affle, Charles Yong, the Chief Architect and Technology Officer shares his views, “Our tech innovation efforts are set to enhance our advanced AI-driven intelligence-based consumer experiences and power next-gen customer-centric technologies. We continue to focus on expanding the breadth of our IP assets that will enable us in driving a sustainable business impact & ensure we deliver conversions across connected devices.”

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