Dell Technologies Introduces ObjectScale 1.3

It is a groundbreaking software innovation that is revolutionizing object storage with all-flash turnkey solution

Saravanan Krishnan, general manager, Unstructured Data Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, and Greater China, Dell Technologies

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Mumbai, January 5, 2024: Dell Technologies (NYSE: DELL) has introduced ObjectScale version 1.3, a groundbreaking software innovation that redefines the landscape of object storage. This latest release is offered as a fully integrated, turnkey solution, and takes the form of ObjectScale XF960, an all-flash appliance that brings unprecedented speed, sustainability, and security to object storage architecture.

Object storage has rapidly evolved, gaining prominence as primary storage for demanding high-growth workloads like analytics, generative AI (GenAI) and related cloud-native application development. Dell ObjectScale, the scale-out, high-performance containerized object storage built for next-generation demands, empowers organizations to innovate faster with a global namespace, strong S3 compatibility, powerful performance and enterprise-grade security.

The ObjectScale experience reaches new heights with the introduction of ObjectScale version 1.3. The new ObjectScale XF960, built on the latest-generation Dell PowerEdge server, offers unparalleled flexibility, going beyond the software-defined options already available with ObjectScale. ObjectScale is now available as the world's most powerful object storage appliance custom-built on Kubernetes.

“The latest ObjectScale innovation as a fully integrated, turnkey solution marks a significant step forward in the world of unstructured data management – meeting speed and security demands to drive AI and more,” said Saravanan Krishnan, general manager, Unstructured Data Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan, and Greater China, Dell Technologies. “With its all-flash appliance XF960, ObjectScale helps organizations to simplify the management and harness the full potential of unstructured data, enabling sophisticated workloads to be flexibly deployed while balancing performance and sustainability.”

Optimize and Flex Cloud Environments for GenAI and More

ObjectScale offers exceptional flexibility, allowing organizations to scale from their current requirements to petabytes and beyond. Customers can select between OpEx or CapEx pricing models, providing a seamless experience similar to public cloud services. ObjectScale’s software-defined solution is ideal for data ingest at edge locations, while the XF960 appliance is designed for robust processing in data centers. When combined with Starburst, ObjectScale sets the foundation for a high-performance, infinitely scalable lakehouse on-premises and across multi-cloud environments, providing endless possibilities.

Furthermore, ObjectScale provides customers with two distinct software-defined options. The Software Bundle enables deployment on organizational infrastructure while Dell manages ObjectScale and Kubernetes. Separately, the As-an-Application option places the responsibility for ObjectScale with Dell, while customers deploy and operate it on Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes.

“Red Hat OpenShift offers a more consistent, reliable platform to build, deploy and manage applications across hybrid cloud environments,” said Chris Morgan, Senior Director, Hybrid Platforms, Red Hat. “By running ObjectScale As-an-Application on Red Hat OpenShift, organizations can more seamlessly provision and scale high-performance object storage for optimized flexibility.”

Speed Innovation with Added Performance and Sustainability

AI, machine learning, analytics and cloud-native applications often depend on millisecond latency for optimal performance. The ObjectScale XF960 addresses these requirements by delivering a powerful combination of scale and performance, catering to the need for training algorithms with extensive data within on-premises cloud environments.

ObjectScale presents a solution that leverages microservices and Kubernetes orchestration, backed by one of the highest S3 compatibility levels in the market.2 The XF960 appliance accelerates development cycles through its robust, latest-generation PowerEdge server performance and full-stack NVMe connectivity, enabling up to 4.3GB/sec reads and 3.3GB/sec writes per node for rapid data access and transfer.

This exceptional XF960performance is complemented by cutting-edge sustainability and efficiency features. Notably, the PowerEdge Smart Cooling technology uses intelligent thermal algorithms and Dell’s innovative Smart Flow chassis to optimize cooling in critical areas. The new appliance also offers double the density of the previous generation4, flexible consumption options to reduce waste and emissions, and comprehensive professional services options including secure data sanitization and destruction.

“The latest ObjectScale update shows Dell Technologies is putting even stronger, more intuitive modern object storage technology into the hands of app developers,” said Alex Arcilla, Senior Validation Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG). “The advances of the XF960 all-flash appliance help them move faster to insights and results, backed by the simple turnkey experience from Dell.”

Establish Zero Trust at Enterprise Scale

ObjectScale is built from the same codebase as Dell ECS and inherits its trusted, enterprise-proven pedigree. As the first provider to deliver a commercial content-addressable storage (CAS) system—Dell Centera—Dell Technologies has over 20 years of leadership in object storage. With ObjectScale, customers have the opportunity to apply Dell Technologies’ established Zero Trust mindset, which incorporates comprehensive built-in security and data protection.

The latest software update and XF960 introduce new features to advance capabilities beyond what’s available with public cloud alone. These enhancements include strengthening auditing and compliance through new S3 bucket logging and enhanced S3 replication. Additionally, the system provides protection against “bad actor” threats such as rogue administrators with new consensus-based protection and self-encrypting (SED) drives.

Continued Industry Leadership

With ObjectScale, customers can expect an experience closely resembling that of the public cloud but backed by stronger operational control, performance and security from Dell Technologies. As Dell supports and manages the environment, including the Kubernetes orchestration layer, organizations’ application and data science teams can focus on training new data sets and reducing development cycles for in-demand projects.

ObjectScale stands as a testament to Dell Technologies’ unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, reaffirming the company’s position as the number one leader in object storage share.

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