Fintech Platform Indivest Will Make Investments Easy

Internovo Ventures' Platform educates users how to make investment decisions through user-friendly videos

Karan Desai

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Mumbai, January 4, 2024: Internovo Ventures, a joint venture between Interface Ventures and Novostack, has announced the launch of its educational and transactional platform Indivest, which will help investors take informed and logical financial decisions. The platform is set to transform the landscape of personal finance, offering users a seamless and educational experience in investment.

It is positioning itself as a platform that simplifies the investment process and educates users on why and how to make investment decisions through a series of user-friendly videos. It aims to address the apprehensions of a large section of the population that feels intimidated by sophisticated platforms when it comes to investing or saving their hard-earned money, by providing for a multi lingual platform. ‘Making India Invest’ is the motto that the platform lives by.

Indivest offers a range of products and services. With tailored investment options, users can access a variety of customized choices based on their profiles. A dedicated Indivest Executive will provide personalized support throughout the investment journey, ensuring that the users make well-informed financial decisions. The platform’s user-friendly interface, characterized by its simple, educative and intuitive design, enables users to make investment decisions quickly and effortlessly.

This unified platform will provide simplified investment solutions and help them formulate an informed and effective financial strategy. Also, the users can explore mutual funds, or stocks and deposits that will be added soon. Additionally, it introduces a Virtual Portfolio feature, allowing users to create and refine investment strategies risk-free by practicing with Indivest coins.

Mr. Karan Desai, Co-Founder, Internovo Ventures, expressed his excitement about the launch, saying, "Indivest was born from a very simple thought process – why should investing be limited only to those who had reasonable knowledge of finance, or financial markets and how could we make the whole process of investing engaging, simple and educational, all at once.

Currently, mutual fund SIPs are experiencing record-high retail inflows, and we firmly believe that this upward trend will persist in the future. While the participation of retail investors in the market has grown exponentially in the last decade, we believe that there is still a vast untapped ocean of opportunities, especially for women across the spectrum to participate in India’s growth story via our platform. We aim to go all the way to the grassroots to take this fear away and provide a safe, secure and what we call an “uncluttered” ecosystem to our investors, to save small amounts every month. This will help them create long term sustainable wealth and fulfil their lives’ goals."

Mr. Akshay Srivastava, Co-Founder and Lead Technology, Internovo Ventures, said the platform will act as a bridge between financial education and investment decisions. “It has a prominent role to play in an emerging market like India where financial literacy rate is low and millions of people, especially youngsters, have investible surplus in their hands as a result of stable economic growth,” he added.

Indivest is now available for download on the Google Play and soon-to-be available on App Store, offering services to users across India.

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