Seclore Event Spreads Buzz on New Cyber & Data Security Act

The event was attended by over 200 delegates, mostly top Chief Security Officers, and Cyber Security and Cyber Crime experts from a multitude of industries

Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore

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Mumbai, December 19, 2023: Leading global data security solutions provider Seclore recently organized 

Security Now, 2023, a trailblazing cyber and data security awareness event, in Mumbai. The event centered

on unravelling the complexities of data collection, storage and safeguards under the newly enacted Digital

Personal Data Protection (DPDP) Act, 2023. The event, which aimed at creating awareness of—and driving

conversation on compliance with—the DPDP Act, 2023, was attended by over 200 delegates, mostly top 

Chief Security Officers, and Cyber Security and Cyber Crime experts from a multitude of industries, such as

ecommerce, startups, BFSI, manufacturing, defence and pharmaceuticals with a combined experience of

6.5K years in data security. The top companies and organizations represented were Adani Defence,

Reliance Life Insurance, Indian Navy, ICICI, SBI, Glenmark and Bajaj Allianz, among others. The fast-

changing canvas of data, regulations and threats has taken on a global dimension, while regulators,

requirements and data residency have become increasingly localized. This dichotomy presents a

challenge of global issues versus local awareness, emphasizing the critical need for their synchronization

for data protection across continents. The data security awareness meet primarily proposed to delve into 

the cumulative knowledge and advancements in the field, extracting insights from experts, analysing global

patterns and initiating discussions around them. The programme addressed many pressing concerns, such

as timeline of compliance, data storage, data sharing transparency and non-compliance repercussions, as

well as the prevalent challenges of spamming, cyber attacks and alarming rise of Deepfakes—all of which

continue to grab headlines. The industry event buzzed with excitement as esteemed personalities took 

centre stage. Dr Pavan Duggal, a distinguished Supreme Court of India advocate, shared profound insights,

paving the way for legal landscapes in the industry. Rangarajan Vijayaraghavan, representing the Adani

Group, captivated the audience with visionary perspectives, igniting discussions on innovative

strategies. Commander Animesh, an Indian Navy stalwart, 

infused the atmosphere with tales of leadership and resilience, inspiring all present.

Vishal Gupta, CEO, Seclore, emphasized the pivotal role of such initiatives, highlighting DPDP Act’s

transformative impact on data governance. He said, “Today, protection of information has become a

necessity globally. Security Now, 2023, by Seclore focused on demystifying the intricacies of data

collection, storage and protection in the light of the recently legislated DPDP Act, 2023. As regulatory

landscapes undergo transformations, Seclore takes the lead in promoting a shared comprehension and

preparedness among industry professionals.” In the past, India operated as a free data market,

allowing companies to gather data from Indian customers without the trappings of stringent

regulations. Recognizing the potential risks, the government introduced the DPDP Act. The law is

comprehensive and addresses all facets of personal data protection. Faced with concerns about

compliance complexity, companies requested a one-year grace period for a phased implementation.

About Seclore

Seclore is a leading global data security solutions provider. The company protects and controls

digital assets to help organizations of all sizes prevent data theft and achieve compliance for

any data, on any app—in the Cloud, or on-premise. Seclore’s data-centric approach to security

enables permissions and access to be granularly assigned and revoked, or dynamically set at the

enterprise level, including when shared externally. With Seclore, enterprises no longer need to choose

between agility and security. Asset discovery and automated policy enforcement allow enterprises to 

adapt to changing security threats and regulatory requirements in real time and at scale. The key

objective of Seclore is to keep sensitive data of organizations safe and secure and empower them with

all-encompassing authority over vital information through innovative solutions.

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