National Creators Award For Digital Innovators Launched

20 Award categories specified

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Mumbai, February 12, 2024: MyGov India has announced the launch of the National Creators Award, celebrating digital innovators and content creators for their impactful contributions to India's digital landscape. The National Creators Award aims to spotlight the diverse voices and talents that are shaping India’s growth and cultural narrative, driving positive social change, and fostering innovation & creativity in the digital sphere.

Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi has consistently acknowledged the transformative power and impact of the creator economy. In line with this vision, and 

spearheaded by MyGov India, the award recognizes exceptional creativity and innovation across 20+ categories. The digital creator economy is experiencing exponential growth, revolutionizing the media landscape and empowering the youth to build their own communities. These creators have emerged as storytellers of a New India, embodying confidence, assertiveness, and rootedness. They are at the forefront of creating social impact, promoting local culture, and boosting tourism, contributing to the 'Vocal for Local' movement. The National Creators Award features a wide array of categories recognizing excellence and impact across various domains, including storytelling, social change advocacy, environmental sustainability, education, gaming, and more.

1. Best Storyteller Award: Celebrates creators who promote India’s cultural ethos through creative storytelling.

2. The Disruptor of the Year: Recognizes a creator who has challenged the status quo, bringing about significant change or innovation in their field. 

3. Celebrity Creator of the Year: Recognize a high-profile creator who has leveraged their celebrity status to influence positive change and set a precedent for creative and impactful online content. 

4. Green Champion Award: Honours creators advocating for environmental protection, sustainability, and green living practices.

5. Best Creator For Social Change: Recognises the creator who uses their platform to advocate for social causes, charitable causes, inclusivity, empowerment and other positive change.

6. Most Impactful Agri Creator: Recognises the creator who educates, critiques and showcases new farming techniques, equipment that get launched in the market, etc. to elevate farming in India. 

7. Cultural Ambassador of The Year: Honours those who help promote the culture of the country via different lifestyle content centered around different aspects of Indian Culture.

8. International Creator Award: Honours creators based abroad who are helping augment India’s culture and soft power. 

9. Best Travel Creator Award: Recognizes creators who are showcasing India’s rich tourism potential through their travel content.

10. Swachhta Ambassador Award: Acknowledges creators dedicated to promoting cleanliness.

11. The New India Champion Award: Highlights creators showcasing the progress, achievements of India as well as spreading awareness on government policies and encouraging initiatives that focus on nation-building.

12. Tech Creator Award: For creators who demystify technology, offering insights, reviews, and recommendations on the latest gadgets and innovations.

13. Heritage Fashion Icon Award: Celebrates creators promoting local clothing brands but also actively celebrating and preserving India's rich sartorial heritage. 

14. Most Creative Creator (Male & Female): Recognizes male and female creators who provide exceptional content that has both entertainment value and social messaging.

15. Best Creator in Food Category: Honours those who explore, critique, or create culinary content, showcasing the diversity of India’s food culture.

16. Best Creator in Education Category: Acknowledges creators contributing to the educational landscape with informative content that enriches learners.


17. Best Creator in Gaming Category: For creators who engage communities around gaming, whether through gameplay, reviews, or Esports commentary.

18. Best Micro Creator: Celebrates micro-creators who have a significant impact within their niche or community, despite a smaller audience.

19. Best Nano Creator: Honours nano-creators who engage deeply with their audience, often driving higher levels of interaction and personal connection.

20. Best Health and Fitness Creator: Recognizes creators promoting health, wellness, and fitness, encouraging their audience to lead healthier lifestyles.

Selection Process Overview: The selection process includes a nomination phase, screening of the nominations, followed by a combination of public voting and review of a jury. Winners will be announced based on a combination of jury and public votes. 

Expected Outcomes: The National Creators Award aims to inspire, recognize, and celebrate the transformative potential of digital media in building a more inclusive, participatory, and empowered society. It seeks to provide recognition and visibility for digital creators driving positive change, foster collaboration and networking opportunities, and encourage new creators to leverage their platforms for greater good. 

MyGov India invites all digital creators, innovators, & changemakers to participate and join this initiative to celebrate digital innovation & its impact in India.

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