Responsive's AI-Powered SRM Platform Will Drive Faster Revenue Growth

Organizations of all sizes can now respond to a broad set of information requests with a single unified platform.

AJ Sunder, Chief Product and Information Officer at Responsive

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Mumbai, May 9, 2024: Responsive, the leader in Strategic Response Management (SRM) software, on Wednesday unveiled the industry’s first SRM platform at the Forrester B2B Summit North America, taking place May 5-9, 2024 at the Austin Convention Center in Texas. The AI-powered Responsive Platform enables organizations to seamlessly collaborate and confidently respond to RFPs, bids, security questionnaires, sustainability assessments and other information requests so they can win more deals while mitigating business risk and improving the employee experience. 

Addressing the response challenge

Today, companies are facing a rapidly growing influx of information requests that have expanded beyond traditional bids and security questionnaires to DEI policies, sustainability practices, ad hoc information requests and more. Most organizations aren’t equipped to handle the increased volume and complexity due to content that is decentralized across multiple systems, often out-of-date, and in the heads of countless subject matter experts throughout the organization. The pressure on companies is evident with deals, revenue and retention at risk.

Organizations embracing Strategic Response Management dramatically improve the ability of their teams to quickly and accurately respond to a wide array of information requests from customers, prospects, and partners.

Introducing the Responsive Platform 

The Responsive Platform, which centralizes an organization’s most current, compelling, customer-facing information, is engineered around five core services and a Responsive AI layer that powers products built on top of them: 

Core platform services:

  • Content management to ensure a single source of accurate, trusted content. 
  • Project management to establish tasks and automate workflow using AI. 
  • Collaboration to streamline input, iterations, and permissions based on role. 
  • Content accessibility that allows users to extend the power of the platform to access information directly from the apps they’re in everyday.
  • Business intelligence to track revenue, win rates, and emerging trends and opportunities, enabling better decision making.



  • Response Projects: Responsive AI automatically prepopulates new RFPs with “best of” answers from previous RFP responses and also supports collaborative workflows so users can deliver winning responses to bids and questionnaires, and other information requests.
  • LookUp: Empowers customer-facing teams to find the right answers — right away — directly from the productivity apps where they work. 
  • Profile Center: Enables organizations to securely share risk assessments, compliance credentials, data sheets and more through public “trust centers” or private profiles. 
  • Proposal Builder: Helps teams cross the finish line faster by enabling sellers to quickly personalize, send and track sales proposals, SOWs, and more.
  • Requirements Analysis: Uses AI-powered document analysis tools to analyze requests with extensive requirements and rapidly make go/no go decisions.
  • Request Projects: Simplifies technology vendor sourcing and selection by allowing teams to create and issue RFPs/RFIs and select their vendor of choice with tools that improve analysis and scoring. 


AI has always been at the forefront of the Responsive Platform and continues to elevate the way in which Responsive helps customers drive greater efficiency, quality, personalization, and insights for every response. Today Responsive released Ask Responsive, available in Beta, to enable existing AI Assistant users to get fingertip access to trusted content, harnessing the power of AI-generated responses delivered through an interactive chat guide.

“We have increased revenue and win rates without adding to the team because of the efficiency, trust, and collaboration we are driving with Responsive AI,” said Andrew Mersman, Senior Director of Solution Consulting at Netsmart. “What used to take 5 minutes now takes 38 seconds, enabling us to win better and faster while responding to 63 percent more RFPs.”

"We are committed to continuously innovating the Responsive Platform to empower growth-oriented companies to meet — and exceed — their evolving business needs. Our deep engineering expertise in AI positions us well to deliver exceptional value to our customers as their Strategic Response Management partner of choice,” said AJ Sunder, Chief Product and Information Officer at Responsive.

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