WebEngage & InfoAxon To Accelerate Reliance GI’s Digital Transformation

This unique partnership aims to support Reliance General Insurance with a spate of cutting edge digital tools that will significantly augment and strengthen their proposition of providing hyper personalized and unique customer experiences

Avlesh Singh, CEO & Co-founder, WebEngage

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Mumbai, June 20, 2024: MarTech leader WebEngage and Digital Transformation Solutions

provider for the BFSI industry, InfoAxon, today announced their partnership with Reliance

General Insurance (RGI), in a bid to transform and elevate its customer engagement

strategies with a focus on delivering a seamless omnichannel experience for customers,

agents, and partners.

This unique partnership aims to support Reliance General Insurance with a spate of

cutting edge digital tools that will significantly augment and strengthen their proposition

of providing hyper personalised and unique customer experiences that are assured to

delight. As their business needs evolve alongside those of today’s digital savvy customers,

this partnership will enable RGI to consistently cater to these demands, thereby solidifying

their leadership position in the industry.

“At Reliance General Insurance, we understand the importance of embracing digital

innovation to stay ahead in today’s fast-paced world. Our collaboration with WebEngage

and InfoAxon signifies our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enhance

customer engagement and drive business growth. Together, we are shaping the future of

insurance.” said Prabhdeep Batra, Chief Distribution Officer, Reliance General Insurance.

Avlesh Singh, CEO & Co-founder, WebEngage, said, “In WebEngage’s 10+ year journey, we

have amassed a significant amount of experience in the BFSI sector. During this time, we

have borne witness to the complex transitions that legacy institutions like RGI have

undergone as a result of digitalisation. Aided by our rigorous data-backed approach,

today, WebEngage has cultivated a robust knowledge base around the nuances and

specificities of customer needs and concerns, and their evolution over time. This

partnership with RGI stands as a testament to our domain expertise and we feel humbled

to have been entrusted with this opportunity. We look forward to a fulfilling and exciting

journey with them.”

Vineet Dahiya, Director & Co-founder, InfoAxon, remarked “For years, InfoAxon has

partnered with large insurers and intermediaries to help them deliver frictionless digital

insurance and has seen first-hand, the challenges and enormous costs associated with

digital transformation initiatives. By expanding on our learnings and years of

development, we have created a Digital Insurance Stack that accelerates insurance

product launches with configurable buying journeys, maximises digital distribution

opportunities, and rapidly delivers engaging omnichannel experiences. What sets us

apart is our in-depth understanding of the insurance domain, strong technology

expertise, and our experience in solving the tough challenges faced by global insurers

and intermediaries on their journeys to become digital businesses. I am sure, RGI will

benefit immensely through this association to realise its vision of becoming a leading

digital insurer in the country.’

InfoAxon helps BFSI organisations accelerate digital transformation and become digital

businesses by leveraging its low-code, API-driven digital insurance solutions stack,

alongside innovative middleware products. InfoAxon’s strong domain knowledge and

experience in the insurance vertical, combined with its deep expertise on the WebEngage

Platform will accelerate RGI’s journey to becoming a digital business. Furthermore, the

integration with WebEngage’s award-winning customer data platform (CDP) and AI-

powered personalisation engine, will help RGI to better understand its customers and

strike meaningful, personalised, and contextualised conversations with them across offline

and online channels.

The partnership between WebEngage and InfoAxon, underpinned by the pursuit of

innovation and offering tailored services, is forged on the premise of co-creating a future

where digital engagement will evolve from merely transactional to intentional. This will be

characterised by meaningful and personalised engagement built on trust, where each

customer interaction anchored by technology, will serve to support the business’ pursuit

of sustained growth.

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