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Caspian Debt firms up its commitment towards building an equitable ecosystem

Avishek Gupta, MD and CEO, Caspian Debt

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Mumbai, July 11, 2024: Demonstrating its unwavering commitment towards building an inclusive society and mitigating impact of climate change, Caspian Debt, a catalytic debt provider to professionally managed small and mid-market companies and startups, has launched its Social Performance Report FY - 2023-24 (SPM FY 23-24).

Caspian Debt’s SPM FY 23-24 gives an understanding of the positive impact generated by the company’s portfolio in the FY 23-24. The report highlights the reduction of 18.8 million metric tonnes of Co2 Emissions reduced by the Clean Energy companies in their portfolio. The brand funded Food and Agri companies through which they reached,744,253 farmers covering 8,013,953 farm acres. Among the Healthcare companies funded, consultations were provided to 276,959 patients. Educations companies in the portfolio trained 984,258 students. Furthermore, 47,825 jobs were supported in FY24 by its portfolio companies.

As a signatory to the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), Caspian Debt has elevated its impact reporting process by aligning with the globally recognised Joint Impact Model (JIM). It is the first Indian company to adopt this innovative tool that has been developed with the support of several International Development Finance Institutions, to facilitate consistent and comparable impact measurement and reporting. Demonstrating its commitment to PCAF, the organisation utilised JIM model to measure the financial emissions of its portfolio. The SPM revealed a total of 54,728.15 tCO2eq in financial emissions, with 36,552 tCO2eq in CO2 Emissions and 18,176 tCO2eq in Non-CO2 Emissions.

Sharing his thoughts on the launch, Mr. Avishek Gupta, MD and CEO, Caspian Debt, said, “As the first Indian Non-Bank Finance Company to become the signatory to the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF), we had pledged to measure financed emissions within three years. Thanks to the Joint Impact Model (JIM) tool, we have taken the first step to meet this requirement starting this year. With up to 140 active portfolio companies engaged at different times last year, condensing their impact into concise metrics without losing their essence was challenging. But we are happy to present the positive impact of our portfolio companies in our Social Performance Report. We continue to focus our efforts in creating further impact in the Indian lending landscape. Over the next few years, we plan to accelerate the process of use of the emissions data to better manage climate risks in our portfolio.”

Its commitment to social impact and environmental responsibility shines brightly in their recently launched SPM FY 23-24. Its achievements extend beyond just reporting, the initiatives like Gender Lens in Business and Entrepreneurship and Caspian Climate Conversations, demonstrate a holistic approach to sustainability and inclusive development. The progress is seen in various key areas, including Direct Lending, Partnerships, overall impact, initiatives in Samriddhi States, funding towards the SDGs and measurement of GHG emissions. This comprehensive report showcases and positions the company as a leader in responsible investing, paving the way for a more sustainable and equitable future.


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