NSE’s Q3 Profit Up By 8% Y/Y At Rs19.75 Bn

NSE Contributed Rs28,131 crores to the exchequer in 9M FY24, which comprised of STT Rs.23,137 crores, Income tax Rs.1,490 crores, Stamp duty Rs.1,456 crores, GST Rs.1,257 crores and SEBI charges Rs791 crores

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Mumbai, February 10, 2024: NSE, India’s leading exchange, reported consolidated revenue from operations at Rs.3,517 crores for Q3 FY24, up by 25% on a year-on-year basis. Apart from trading revenue, the revenue from operations was also supported by other revenue lines which mainly includes data centre & connectivity charges, clearing services, listing services, index services and data services.

NSE posted net profit of Rs.1,975 crores on a consolidated basis for Q3 FY24, up by 8% on a year-on-year basis. The net profit margins for Q3 FY24 stood at 51%.

On a consolidated basis, earnings per share increased to Rs.39.90 in Q3 FY24 from Rs.36.90 in Q3 FY23.

On the trading volumes front, cash markets recorded an average daily traded volumes (ADTVs) of Rs.80,512 crores (up 50% YoY) while the equity futures reached an ADTV of Rs.1,31,010 crores (up 18% YoY) and equity options (premium value) ADTVs stood at Rs.56,707 crores (up 28% YoY) for Q3 FY24.

Accordingly, while the overall volumes for Q3 FY24 for Cash equity and Equity derivatives segment grew by ~29% YoY, the total transaction charges grew by only ~18% YoY. This was mainly due to roll back of increased transaction charges effective April 1, 2023.

NSE on a standalone basis reported total operating income of Rs.3,170 crores for Q3 FY24, showing a growth of 21% on a year-on-year basis which was Rs.2,629 crores for the corresponding quarter last year.

NSE during the quarter on a standalone basis incurred total expenses of Rs.1,620 crores for Q3 FY24. Almost 50% of these expenses amounting to Rs.810 crores, are towards SEBI Regulatory Fees, additional contribution to Core SGF as desired by SEBI and Contribution to IPFT.

NSE in the nine months of FY24 has made additional contribution of Rs.1,167 crores to augment the Core Settlement Guarantee Fund corpus from current level of around Rs 5,000 crores to Rs.10,000 crores as desired by SEBI.

At the operating EBITDA level NSE, on a standalone basis, posted an EBITDA margin of 52% for Q3 FY24 compared to 73% in the corresponding quarter last year.

NSE reported standalone net profit of Rs.1,377 crores for Q3 FY24 which was Rs.1,568 crores for the corresponding quarter last year. The net standalone profit margin stood at 40%.

During the nine months of FY24, NSE contributed Rs.28,131 crores to the exchequer which comprised of STT Rs.23,137 crores, Income tax Rs.1,490 crores, Stamp duty Rs.1,456 crores, GST Rs.1,257 crores and SEBI charges Rs.791 crores. Around 83.75% of the annual budget estimates of the Government of India relating to STT has been collected during the nine months of FY 24. STT accounts for around 1.57% of direct tax collection made by the Government of India for the first nine months of the current financial year 2023-24.


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