5G Intelligent Village, Quantum Encryption Algorithm: DoT's Proposals

Proposals aimed at catalyzing innovation and technological advancement in telecommunications sector

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Mumbai, June 17, 2024: In a signification move towards Jai Anusandhan, aimed at promoting innovative Start-ups in the country and to establish an ecosystem of research and entrepreneurship the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has announced two significant calls for proposals aimed at catalyzing innovation and technological advancement in the telecommunications sector. These initiatives underscore DoT’s commitment to fostering indigenous R&D, promoting IP creation, and achieving inclusive digital growth across India.

These proposals are under the categories- ‘5G Intelligent Village’ and ‘Quantum Encryption Algorithm’ and invites participants from industry, MSMEs, Start-ups, academia and government departments involved in technology design, development, commercialization of telecommunication products and solutions.

These proposal shall be funded under Telecom Technology Development Fund (TTDF) scheme of the DoT and represent pivotal steps towards harnessing advanced technologies for societal benefit and reinforcing India’s leadership in telecommunications innovation.

5G Intelligent Village

The 5G Intelligent Village Initiative responds to the pressing need for equitable technological advancement by harnessing the transformative power of 5G technology to uplift rural communities. The Call for Proposals-“From Connectivity Gaps to Smart Solutions: Designing 5G Networks for Rural Innovation- 5G Intelligent Villages”- aim to addresses critical pillars such as agriculture, education, healthcare, governance, and sustainability. The following are the Proposed Village Locations:

  • Dharmaj, Dist. Anand, Gujarat
  • Ramgarh Urf Rajahi, Dist Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
  • Anandpur Jalbera, Dist Ambala, Haryana
  • Bajargaon, Dist Nagpur, Maharashtra
  • Bhagwanpura, Dist Bhilwara, Rajasthan
  • Dablong, Dist Nagaon, Assam
  • Raosar, District Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh
  • Aari, District Guna, Madhya Pradesh
  • Banskhedi, District Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh
  • Burripalem, District Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Proposals are invited to enable effective utilization of Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) and massive Machine Type Communication (mMTC) aspects of 5G in selected villages, showcasing the advantages of 5G connectivity. Proposals can also include plans for establishing 5G connectivity in areas without existing coverage. This initiative aims to unite telecom service providers, sensor manufacturers, CCTV suppliers, and IoT providers on a single platform to explore and exploit the potential advantages of 5G, serving as a hub for research and development in this field. More details at (https://ttdf.usof.gov.in/users/intelligentvillage).

Quantum Encryption Algorithm (QEA)

The call for proposals is for developing an India specific Quantum Encryption Algorithm (QEA) that will represent a cutting-edge approach to securing digital communication channels by leveraging the principles of quantum mechanics. The algorithm should ensure Unparalleled Security; Advanced Encryption Capabilities; Ultrafast and Efficient Encryption etc. More details at (https://ttdf.usof.gov.in/users/quantumencryption).

Deadline: The Last date of submission of applications is 31.07.2024

The DoT is looking forward to collaborative efforts in realizing the potential of 5G and quantum encryption for a digitally resilient future. For More details visit https://ttdf.usof.gov.in/

Telecom Technology Development Fund (TTDF)

Telecom Technology Development Fund (TTDF) has been setup under Universal Services Obligation Fund (USOF) of Department of Telecom (DOT), Government of India to promote the ecosystem for research, design, prototyping, proof of concept testing, IPR creation, field testing, security, certification and manufacturing of products etc. in telecommunication field. Detailed guidelines on TTDF at https://ttdf.usof.gov.in/               

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