Garden of Joy Raises Rs84 Lakhs In IPV-Led Seed Round

Funds will be utilized to expand operations in Bangalore and 5 additional cities, develop a design tool and vertically integrate through owning workshops for fabrication and civil work

Sanyam Raheja_Founder, Garden Of Joy

Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO, Inflection Point Ventures

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Mumbai, April 11, 2024:  Landscaping startup, Garden of Joy has raised INR 84 Lakhs in a Seed Round led by Inflection Point Ventures. They plan to utilize funds to expand operations in Bangalore, expanding to 5 additional cities, developing a design tool with a pricing calculator, and vertically integrating through owning workshops for fabrication and civil work.

Pioneering in landscaping, Garden of Joy is dedicated to transforming outdoor spaces into vibrant havens of beauty and tranquillity. Specializing in affordable yet stunning designs, the company brings visions to life, from lush green lawns to cozy terrace gardens, with meticulous attention to detail and a passion for excellence. Committed to sustainability and environmental stewardship, Garden of Joy creates living, breathing spaces where functionality seamlessly meets aesthetics, inviting individuals to relax, recharge, and find joy in the everyday amidst the bustling urban landscape.

Sanyam Raheja, the founder of Garden of Joy, brings a wealth of diverse experience from his tenure in the Merchant Navy and roles at Oyo and Homelane, complemented by an MBA in Marketing from IIM Rohtak.

Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO, Inflection Point Ventures, says, “Relaxation is a luxury for the populace in urban cities, where work-life balance is often neglected. Garden of Joy by offering customizable landscaping solutions, brings affordable beauty to everyday spaces like terraces and balconies with a focus on rejuvenation amid busy lifestyles. True to its name, Garden of Joy has the ability to bring out joy in our everyday mundane life.”

Their strengths and unique selling points include offering a comprehensive one-stop solution for landscaping and civil work, leveraging in-house teams for seamless execution, providing free site consultations, ensuring affordability without compromising quality, maintaining fast project execution timelines, and offering warranties of up to 10 years.

Sanyam Raheja – Founder & CEO, Garden of Joy says, “Partnering with IPV has been a pivotal moment for our startup's journey. This infusion of capital not only fuels our expansion but also validates our vision for creating vibrant and sustainable outdoor spaces. We will be utilizing these funds for building inhouse tech products for designing and vertical integration for all our services. Currently we're present in Bangalore and Hyderabad and in the next couple of years we will be expanding to all major cities in Karnataka, Telangana, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.”
The startup has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing over 100 landscaping projects within the first 18 months of inception, demonstrating their dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

The landscaping market in India is valued at INR US $14.96 billion in 2024, while globally, it stands at $296 billion, with a projected annual growth rate of 4.72% (CAGR 2024-2028).

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