Equitas SFB’s ‘Circle of Life’ Campaign Supporting Farmers this Christmas

The bank showcases Kamatchi's perseverance to resurrect his passion towards agriculture ahead of National Farmers Day aka Kisan Diwas

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Mumbai, December 25, 2023:  Equitas Small Finance Bank blooms greenery this Christmas by giving rebirth to a farmer’s passion who treats agriculture as his own child and not just as a livelihood. The farmer’s story showcases his love for fertile land that runs deeper, weaving a tale of hope and dreams.

The heart-warming video from the ‘Circle of Life’ series by Equitas tells the story of Kamatchi, a farmer who faced daunting challenges, majorly lack of water being one of the reasons of demise of his once-thriving agriculture business. Recognizing his entrepreneurial drive and enthusiasm to resurrect his agri-business, Equitas provided two loans that became the seeds of his transformation. With them, Kamatchi blossomed, launching a brickyard and a mic set business. These side ventures not only generated steady income but also helped him repay his loans. Meanwhile, he applied his newfound resources to his farm, boosting productivity and paving the way for a brighter agricultural future.

"While Christmas is known to be the season of joy and hope, and Farmers’ Day is observed ahead of Christmas eve, we decided to honour the invaluable contribution of farmers in the development of the country and economy," shared Vignesh Murali, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing, Equitas SFB. “Kamatchi’s story is a tribute to all the farmers who despite facing water shortage, surviving climatic changes, etc. are dedicated to keep the agriculture ecosystem thriving in India. Equitas SFB has always been banking beyond transactions and Kamatchi’s story is a reminder that, this Christmas and Kisan Diwas, we continue to hope, support and ensure the nation’s back bone persists strength.”

With the "Circle of Life" campaign, Equitas Small Finance Bank celebrates the inspiring stories of perseverant and passionate individuals like Kamatchi. This also braces the entrepreneurial culture striving to build a better India and continue believing in heroes like Kamatchi who are contributing to the society one harvest at a time.

The video debuts on the eve of Kisan Diwas i.e. December 22, marking the importance of farmers in our lives and remembering their struggles. Catch a glimpse of Kamatchi’s story on Equitas Small Finance Bank's social media platforms.

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