Satish Marathe’s ‘Expert Talk’ at National Economic Forum

Enhancing Rural Economy at grassroots through Cooperative Structure

Satish Marathe

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Mumbai, December 6, 2023: National Economic Forum has organised ‘Expert Talk’ on Thursday, December 7th, 2023. The theme of this talk is ‘Enhancing Rural Economy at grassroots through Cooperative Structure.’ The distinguished expert, Satish Marathe, Director at the Central Board of Reserve Bank of India, will share valuable insights on fostering economic growth at the rural level at this event. The session, to be held at National Economic Forum, 28 Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi, will be a thought-provoking one, as the Forum delves into strategies to strengthen the grassroots economy through cooperative structures. Satish Marathe is a veteran cooperative sector leader.

The NEF is a public policy think-tank in its nascent stages, set up to carry out its activities in an apolitical perspective covering legal, socio-economic and geopolitical subjects, while having an Indic objective. The NEF aims to pursue its aim of reflecting the true potential of the Indian economy and suggest ways and means to strengthen the same. NEF focuses on sectors like agriculture, education, industry, logistics, transport, maritime, ocean, hills, cyber & border security, IT & electronics, communications, health and infrastructure among others. The focus areas of the National Economic Forum include good governance and economic growth; sustainable economy; strategic economic areas; technology, economy and development; knowledge economy as well as law and economy.

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