'60% Of 25000 Tonnes Of Gold Remains Outside Formal Financial System'

Muthoot Finance disburses loans via IMPS or UPI, apart from RTGS/NEFT networks, which ensures that their credit history is also strengthened

George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director, Muthoot Finance

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Mumbai, June 27, 2024: The World MSME Day is being celebrated today all over the globe. George Alexander Muthoot, Managing Director, Muthoot Finance, has made an insightful observation on gold loans: According to industry estimates, Indian households have more than 25000 tonnes of gold. And, less than a fifth of that is being pledged to raise loans. About 60% of this market still remains outside the formal financial system, indicating vast potential in the gold loan sector. Muthoot Finance recognizes the potential of pledging this idle gold in driving entrepreneurial spirit by navigating through unforeseen emergencies and working capital needs of small business. Gold loan, our principal business, is often opted by MSMEs and small business owners for a constant cash flow to manage critical situations such as machinery breakdowns, supply chain disruptions as well as to expand business operations or invest in newer technologies. In such situations, most MSME owners face rejection from traditional lenders often leading to closure of operations. In alignment with the increased focus from RBI on accelerating growth and reducing stress in the MSME segment, gold loan NBFCs play a crucial role in providing them with a working capital cushion with quick access to funds and flexible amounts all without the need for a strong credit history. This is exactly what they need to seize new opportunities, and maintain business continuity.

Innovative Technologies

Muthoot Finance is opting for innovative technologies to revolutionize credit access to MSMEs. Although our MSME customers may require to physically pledge their gold for evaluation, Muthoot Finance’s extensive 5000+ branch network, and a robust phygital infrastructure through Loan@Home initiative facilitate faster approval of loans and disbursements. We also encourage more digital transactions while disbursing gold loans, especially loans of Rs. 20,000 and above. We disburse loans via IMPS or UPI, apart from RTGS/NEFT networks which ensures that their credit history is also strengthened. Our mobile app and website provide customers with easy access to loan details and repayment options to enhance transparency and include MSMEs into the modern digital economy.




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