Tap Capital To Fund Businesses Up To Rs20 Bn By 2025

Tap, has helped to raise INR 250 Cr for over 70 businesses across India via asset leasing and invoice discounting products.

Atul K, Co-founder, Velocity; Soumya K, Co-Founder, Tap Capital; Subhashish Bhadra, Leadership Team-Klub, Hemanth Danda, Partner at Aeka Advisory ; Siddhant Bajpai, Director, Accumen Sphere at Tap Cap Launch

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Mumbai, January 17, 2024:Tap, the Fixed Income Investment platform, announces the launch of its much-awaited arm of B2B segment, ‘Tap Capital’ with a bold vision to empower businesses across India, aiming to facilitate funding of up to INR 2000 Cr by the end of 2025. To date Tap, has achieved a commendable milestone by helping raise INR 250 Cr for over 70 businesses across India via asset leasing and invoice discounting products.

The brand emerges with a distinct mission to empower ambitious businesses by providing them with essential, easy and quick capital under any debt structure, along with strategic guidance, and a network of resources to ignite their potential and fuel their journey towards sustainable growth.

"We are not just a funding platform; we are building a brand that is accessible, friendly, and educational. Our focus is on startups and businesses that are in the high-growth stage and possess the potential to scale and reach their full potential once the required funds are made available," stated Soumya Kushwaha, Co-Founder of Tap Capital

Tap Capital has kickstarted its journey with two operational products, Asset Leasing and Invoice Discounting. The former caters to sectors such as Electric Vehicles (EVs), logistics, and equipment rental businesses, while the latter serves a diverse range of industries including Media, Transportation, Trading Houses, Manufacturing Houses and other B2B businesses. 

In addition to its existing products, Tap Capital has expanded its services to include Vendor Financing. This new initiative supports businesses with essential needs like raw material procurement or other services from their vendors, further establishing Tap Capital as a versatile financial partner.

Constantly striving for improvement, Tap Capital actively seeks feedback from its clients to identify market gaps and enhance its financial product suite. The company is also working towards creating a community of financiers to foster collaboration and synergy within the business community.

"Tap Capital envisions becoming a one-stop solution for the business community, where synergies can be built and financial needs met efficiently. We understand that not all financial deals can be fulfilled by a single partner, and our goal is to eventually create an ecosystem of partners to provide a comprehensive solution," added Soumya.

To achieve its objectives, Tap Capital is placing a strong emphasis on its sales and investment teams. As the company grows, a dedicated partnership team will be established to explore financing marketplaces and other strategic partnerships.

"We are committed to building a lean yet agile team that utilises cutting-edge product technology to enhance efficiency in the financial ecosystem. Our goal is to make the lending process seamless for both our clients and lending institutions by conducting thorough groundwork and due diligence," explained Soumya.

Tap Capital invites the business community to join them on this journey towards financial empowerment and looks forward to creating lasting partnerships that contribute to the growth and success of businesses across India.

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