Equitas SFB Celebrates Success Of Women Entrepreneurs’ Soaring Aspirations

The small finance bank celebrates women entrepreneurs' resilient spirit and success in Uttarayan 2024 through its new Circle of Life video

Vignesh Murali, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing, Equitas SFB

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Mumbai, January 12, 2024: Equitas Small Finance Bank today unveiled its new video in the ‘Circle of Life’ series showcasing the transformation of the life of kite-maker from Gujarat.

The story of Equitas SFB’s customer and women entrepreneur Roshan Bibi, a kite-maker from Gujarat, showcases the role that the Bank played in her business success.

From struggling to make ends meet by selling 1,000 kites at INR 13 at the start of her business 30 years ago, Ms. Bibi has not only expanded her business but also currently employs over 100 people.

Ms. Bibi received timely support in the form of a first loan of INR 10,000 for boosting her business, and credits Equitas SFB for fuelling her business growth through timely loans. She attributes the trust reposed in her by the Bank and the ease of the processing to be the reasons for her continued association with the Bank over the years. Despite initial hardships, she increased her workforce and scaled her business further, and is proud of not only providing for her seven kids and their families, but also building a better society.

"This Uttarayan, we decided to honour individuals who dream of soaring high, way above their hardships,” exclaimed Vignesh Murali, Senior Vice President & Head – Marketing, Equitas SFB. “Roshan Bibi’s story symbolizes hope and aspirations, reminding us that even the simplest of threads woven with hope and passion for 12 long months spread vibrant smiles in a three-day festival. Equitas SFB has always believed in giving back and we are, thus, proud to be a small but significant part of Roshan Bibi’s success. Her passion and resilience even after soaring high and falling low, like a kite inspires us, to support entrepreneurs who go through hardships but never give up. As a bank, we contribute to a better society and Roshan Bibi’s story not only showcases our support for entrepreneurship but also our commitment to go ‘Beyond Banking’.”

Equitas SFB’s ‘Circle of Life’ series glorifies the resilient and empowering stories of determined women entrepreneurs like Roshan Bibi. This series serves as a testament to the power of passion and dedication, and the resilience of local artisans.

The video debuts on January 12, on Equitas Small Finance Bank's social media platforms

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